24 hour emergency locksmith

When Living in Hong Kong: Hiring a Locksmith When Locked Out

When you were in a rush for work in the morning and realising you left your keys at home, a professional locksmith is your answer if no one else have a spare key. When  you were partying in a club or having a few drinks with your friends and happens to have lost your keys late at night, you would need to contact a locksmith who provides 24 hour emergency locksmith services. Professional locksmiths that offers emergency locksmith services will charge considerably a lot more then the regular pricing, so be prepared to pay at least 50% more than the market price if not more. Some Hong Kong locksmith may require to cover their transportation fees. So it is smart to craft a few spare keys and pass it to your trusted ones.

Below are a few 24 Hour emergency locksmith service providers in Hong Kong:

24 Hours 1 Chit Wing Locksmith
6595 3555  │ Kowloon
24 Hrs Locksmith Chat Kee
2777 0808 │ Sham Shui Po
24 Hr Locksmith
2781 2860 │ Wang Tau Hom
24 Hours Locksmith Service
2562 3078 │ North Point
6888 0000 │
Master Key Service Limited
8100 0388 │ Sheung Wan
Mou Lam Key & Professional Locks Shop
2450 3851 │ Tuen Mun
Kai Ngai
8111 2829 │ Kowloon City
Wing Fung Workshop
2477 6663 │ Yuen Long

Types of Locksmith

There are a few types of locksmiths that you should know.
Residential locksmith will not be able to tackle any high security locks typically what an office would use. You would need a commercial locksmith to do the job. When you are locked out of your car, be sure to only look for automotive locksmiths as they would be the ones to have the proper tools to fix your issue.

24 hour emergency locksmith

scam-alertThings to you need to be aware of before hiring a Locksmith

  1. Must get a cost estimate and have a reference in place as a proof just in case the locksmith inflates the price upon site inspection.
  2. Must ask for any other extra charges such as hourly rate for emergency situations, transportation fees. etc…
  3. DO NOT LET THE LOCKSMITH TO DRILL YOUR LOCK – there are no locks in the world that a trained and skilful professional locksmith can’t unlock.

24 hour emergency locksmith price range

There aren’t many 24 hour emergency locksmith, but there are a few professional genuine service provider at a reasonable rate. If necessary, sometimes these locksmiths will also change your door locks. If you accidentally locked out from your car, they are also able to open your car door.

Prices usually ranges from $400 – $600 HKD to open up the lock. Some estimates maybe a few thousand depending on the complexity of the job. So despite in desperate need for an emergency locksmith, it is still wise to cross reference and check up the company to ensure the legitimacy of the locksmith or the company. Simply move on to the next candidate and repeat the cross reference procedure to avoid any potential locksmith scams.